We at “HRStartup” believe that CSR is not the icing on the cake that all companies allow themselves because it is fashionable. Rather, it’s a cornerstone of a socially responsible market economy. Civic involvement on the part of business like corporate citizenship, strengthens the economy and society. We believe that CSR is worth everyone’s while.

In order to be a good corporate and global citizen, we believe in our obligation not just to our clients, talented candidates, employees and our clients but also to the communities in which we live and work. We are committed to conducting business at the highest ethical standards, providing service and customized solutions that exceed client expectations, and having a positive social and environmental impact across our global footprint.

Indeed, “HRStartup” don’t just talk about CSR, we do it. A core part of our vision is to use our position to help the wider community and ensure we operate as an ethically sound and responsible organization. We have implemented a comprehensive and robust CSR strategy that ensures we are tackling our responsibility from all angles. As a company, our employees are 100% invested in our CSR strategy.