Your Strategic Business Partner in IranWe are connecting people, culture, process and technology.

Recruitment Services

HR Startup will find you the best candidate matching your requirements within the agreed time frame and cost structure. Indeed, HR Startup assist in developing employment strategies for its client, sourcing and short list appropriate candidates, onboarding, induction, payroll and expat services. Our services include: Our services in this sector…

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HR Consulting & Coaching

In the rapidly changing global landscape, operating a business is becoming increasingly complex. HR Startup offers its specialized HR Consulting & Coaching services allowing your team to optimize productivity, comply with legislation and mitigate risk.

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Management Development Training

People don’t leave companies, they leave managers…We work with your team, helping them develop and improve the skills they need. We cover the fundamentals to being an effective manager. Our goal is to create managers skilled in engaging staff and fostering innovation. If you want to accelerate the team building…

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Customized HR Solutions

We provide customized HR solutions on an as needed basis to suit your HR needs. We work on or off-site, either as a standalone HR services consultant or in conjunction with your company. Our HR solutions are customized and designed to help you increase employee and organizational performance.

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Our Goal is Empowering People We are the HR Consultancy for the Digital Economy. We know the future!
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Why HR Startup?

We are the only local firstmover in Iran to provide innovative HR Solutions!

We know the People, Culture, Process and Technology.

Our "Glocal" experience, empower us to know how to solve the problems with considering local details.

We strives to provide up-to-date and creative HR knowledge and implementation strategies marked with high quality personable customer service and career development tools that inspire growth.


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