Iran, Tehran

Stand Together Against Terror in Tehran

Thoughts and prayers are with those who were affected by yesterday attacks in our beloved city Tehran.

We haven’t collapsed, we stand firm, we will resist and stand together against all forms of terrorism.

HRStartup has tried to share its lessens learned and took responsibility to helping those who are afraid. We have offered free of charge personal empowerment coaching services to people who was affected by terror attacks in Tehran.

ما هم به نوبه خود، در کنار مردم شهر عزیزمان “تهران” هستیم و سعی داریم تا با قبول مسئولیتی هرچند کوچک به افراد آسیب دیده یاری رسانی کنیم.

لطفا در صورتی که چنین افرادی را می شناسید به ما معرفی کنید تا خدمات رایگان توانمندسازی علیه خشونت را خدمت ایشان ارائه کنیم.

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