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Don’t Hate HR! Let’s Empower them!

As an HR professional and Executive Coach, I spend much of my time giving discuss, talk or advise with executives and companies who hates me! There is always someone who wants to prove that HR people are selfish evils that want to limit others! Well…It’s a difficult situation to face with, especially while you have a most favorable job title in the world!

However, let me debate on a new paradigm: Don’t Hate HR! Yes!…It’s no matter that you are an executive or operational staff, the time of hating HR was passed and you should love it. We are facing with lots of people and workplace challenges every day, that someone should solve them. HR is the only department that could provide meaningful answers to these challenges.

HR as a strategic partner of your company could empower and lead employees. It could promote creativity and increase business performance.

Furthermore, as it was mentioned above HR could help employees, too. It’s the only place who can listen to the employees, caring them, improve their skills and resist against stupid laying off!

So, if HR could do such a lots of meaningful attempts for both employers and employees, why everybody hates it? Let me answer that the reason is, HR always fall between two stools. Unfortunately, some HR people act like an opportunist who don’t consider all parties’ interests. However, it’s necessary that an HR should consider this matter and should follow the ethics. It would be more important during performance evaluation, training and compensations analysis.

So, what should you do to help and accompany your HR? I always advice to empower HR instead of hating them. It would provide a sustainable solution that everyone could benefit. Let’s review my best advice to do it more efficient.

As an employer:

  • Open up your HR people’ point of view and involve them with big pictures of your company.
  • Highlight the ethics.
  • Help your HR to redesign its inflexible and bureaucratic procedures.
  • Help your HR to get involve and boost communications.

As an employee:

  • Don’t shy to share your comments with HR people. You’re not facing with Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun at Game of Thrones! It’s the real life and I strongly believe that most of HR people are open to listen.
  • Ask HR to respond transparent. Requesting transparency should be followed by HR’ audiences first.
  • If you feel that you are in an unfair situation, direct your message to HR. There is always a way. Finding the right way and coordinating with HR to reach a good deal.
  • Let your guard down and allow HR support you! HR wants nothing more than to see you and your ideas succeed in company. If they are surround you, it’s because they care deeply.
  • Put yourself in HR’ place and try to understand their point of views and ask your HR to put themselves in your place, too.

HR is not certainly the enemy! Indeed business failures, fickle and chaos are enemies. Indeed, HR knows exactly what kind of risks you are taking as an employer or employee. HR knows exactly what you are going through and knows all of your secrets. They are here to help. Let’s empower them to across their challengeable way, too.

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