HR Startup provides value-added support and relationship with your business.

Our main solutions include:

Recruitment Services: We will find you the best candidate matching your requirements within the agreed time frame and cost structure.

HR Consulting & Coaching: HR Startup offers its specialized HR Consulting & Coaching services allowing your team to optimize productivity, comply with legislation and mitigate risk.

Management Development Training: We work with your team, helping them develop and improve the skills they need.

Customized HR Solutions: We bring depth of expertise in all areas of HR and process improvement to your business. We develop customized and affordable solutions to support your unique needs for people development.

We customize our solutions for:

Multinational Companies: If you are seeking entry into Iran market, we are the most prestigious HR Recruitment Company in Iran.

Startups: You want to enter Iran market as a Startup? HR Startup helps you to empower your Startup’ people with top world class services.

Expats: Our global experience enables us to provide a high level Career Consulting for you. We create an insightful vision for you.