We at “HR Startup” believe that CSR is not the icing on the cake that all companies allow themselves because it is fashionable. Rather, it’s a cornerstone of a socially responsible market economy. Civic involvement on the part of business like corporate citizenship, strengthens the economy and society. We believe that CSR is worth everyone’s while.

In order to be a good corporate and global citizen, we believe in our obligation not just to our clients, talented candidates, employees and our clients but also to the communities in which we live and work. We are committed to conducting business at the highest ethical standards, providing service and customised solutions that exceed client expectations, and having a positive social and environmental impact across our global footprint.

Indeed, “HR Startup” don’t just talk about CSR, we do it. A core part of our vision is to use our position to help the wider community and ensure we operate as an ethically sound and responsible organisation. We have implemented a comprehensive and robust CSR strategy that ensures we are tackling our responsibility from all angles. As a company, our employees are 100% invested in our CSR strategy.

Fundraising activities:

We believe that charity involves a whole lot more than money. We have a full and varied approach to our participation and support. On top of our primary charity partnership, we engage our employees and actively support national charitable activities including:

  • Donating all earnings on training workshops to Fundorun projects:
    • Rebuilding the playground for children with cancer at AAC Hospital to make them laugh again (Link)
    • Building a fully furnished and equipped vocational training institute for women living in poverty at exurban and rural area of Tehran Province (Link)
  • Establishing the first Social Innovation Project in Tehran to empower low-income women in Tehran, Iran (Link) to reduce inequality and poverty
  • Supporting SAMAR Charity to empower adults who infected with cancer
  • Sponsoring children through CHILDF to spread our love
  • Supporting Sepas Charity on its seasonal markets
  • Supporting refugee empowerment programs at Berlin

Empowering the Local Communities:

We provide free HR coaching, mentoring and training workshops for entrepreneurs and Startups in our local communities (Iran & Germany). Our aim is to empower individuals, entrepreneurs and Startups to improve their HR knowledge to have better understandings of people. We believe that location, race, religion or others don’t have to be barriers to local empowerment and it would lead to the sustainable economy for all. We have cooperated in:

  • Establishing HRMeetup to growth local Startup ecosystem
  • Free HR coaching and mentoring services for Startups
  • Free HR workshop to improve HR knowledge among entrepreneurs
  • Free Personal Empowerment Coaching for people who was affected by terror attacks in Tehran (Link)
  • Low enrollment fee workshops and donate all the earnings to local charities
  • Sharing our last HR findings and tips on local media to share our knowledge

Environmentally Friendly:

Here at “HR Startup” we have a dedicated Green Team whose sole mission is to ensure our company operates a truly environmentally sustainable business strategy, continually providing our clients and candidates with high-quality products and services in a way that enhances the environment. Just a few of our environmental programmes are:

  • Bike to work scheme
  • Recycle scheme
  • Ethical printing
  • CO2 Emission Method
  • Waste management
  • Equipment audits
  • Using more IT facilities to reduce our local trips